Align Your Supply Chain

Your Preferred Network

Your Preferred Network gives you the ability to manage your vendors as a group. Set vendor standards, manage alerts to monitor vendor activities, and communicate with vendors on your policies and requirements – all in realtime.
Members of your Preferred Networks know your expectations, receive your policies, get alerts directly from you, and are provided easy-to-use tools to remain compliant.

Evaluate Your Supply Chain

Check the status of your supply chain in realtime. See whether suppliers meet your requirements and are in compliance with desired standards and best practices. Ensure that suppliers do not exceed your risk tolerances. Know that your suppliers source responsibly.
Generate reports to evaluate your supply chain and understand your risks.

Execute Agreements & Share Documents

Swiftly execute agreements electronically with vendors (or buyers) with our document management tools.
Share documents with your vendors (and buyers); such as buyer agreements, price lists, or sourcing standards – and setup electronic signatures on those documents as needed.

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