Traceability Begins Here

Manage, track, and secure your products with our proprietary platform, accessible within your interface and customized to your needs. Everything you need in one place.
From origin to marketAt every scale and stage: Large scale industrial mines to small scale and artisanal mining – and through the value chain to the end user.
We have robust capabilities for diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, rare earths, and other metals and minerals.

Levels of Traceability

Each level signifies an important step in Traceability:
1.  Verified: Product meets the Ravara Traceability Standard™
2.  Supported: Product recorded at each Validated Supplier
3.  Mapped: Member sources from Validated Suppliers (no product data)

Traceability Reports

Showcase the traceability level of each product with origin information and a high-level supply chain overview.
Traceability Reports display public information on each product to demonstrate compliance and best practices – and to market responsible goods.

Ravara Verified™

The zenith of supply chain due diligence and sustainability.
Verifying your product with the highest level of chain of custody and provenance verification from mine – through the value chain – to market. Each product must fulfill the Ravara Traceability Standard™:
     –   Ravara Traceability Procedures
     –   Ravara Traceability Documentation
     –   Ravara Traceability-Level Tech Qualification

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