Traceability is the Future

Get Ahead of the Curve

Ravara Traceability™ offers the highest level of chain of custody and provenance, establishing traceability verification for materials from the mine – through the value chain – and to the market.
Ravara Verified™ is the zenith of supply chain due diligence and sustainability:
     –   Ravara Traceability Procedures
     –   Ravara Traceability Documentation
     –   Ravara Traceability-Level Tech Qualification
Ravara Traceability Standard™ includes three levels of traceability:
•  UnsupportedNo value chain data
•  Self-SupportedLimited value chain data and/or limited verification
•  Ravara Verified: Complete value chain that meets the Ravara Traceability Standard
Traceability Reports showcase the level of traceability with origin information and high-level supply chain overview.
“Traceability” is the verification of material origin and the pathway to market. “Origin” is the physical location where a material is first extracted. “Pathway” is the value chain of each material as it travels downstream from mine to market and becomes a finished product through trading, processing, and manufacturing.
A ‘traceable product’ is fully mapped and has a verified origin and pathway. Without robust verification of both origin and pathway, it is not possible to hold unqualified traceability claims. This complete definition of traceability meets best practices. Materials that cannot meet this definition fall far short of an origin-marketable product.

Let’s talk security: Do you need blockchain?

Ravara is a proprietary system independent of Blockchain – but we are happy to work with your data management platform if you’ve already invested in blockchain. We can integrate easily. We’ll provide the third party management and features necessary for a complete traceability model.
While blockchain is one of many options for data security, what’s most important is third party management of your data for verification and integrity. Ravara offers all of the benefits of blockchain – while also delivering a wide range of products for managing your supply chain.