Ravara Traceability™

Providing industry-leading digital asset management to trace materials, with three levels of traceability:
     •  Verified: Complete value chain and verification
     •  Supported: Limited value chain data / limited verification
     •  Unknown: No value chain data / no verification

Traceability Reports

Showcase the traceability level of each product with origin information and a high-level supply chain overview.
Traceability Reports display public information to present sustainability and to market responsible goods.

Ravara Verified™

The zenith of supply chain due diligence and sustainability.
Verifying the highest level of chain of custody and provenance with established traceability for materials from the mine – through the value chain – to the market.
     –   Ravara Traceability Procedures
     –   Ravara Traceability Documentation
     –   Ravara Traceability-Level Tech Qualification

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