A complete system

Ravara Source™ | Ravara Factor™ | Ravara Technique™ | Ravara Stock™ | Ravara Order™
We offer distinct products for traceability and digital asset management (Ravara Source), physical controls and chain of custody (Ravara Factor), audit and compliance (Ravara Technique), stock and value management (Ravara Stock), order management (Ravara Order), and other core business solutions.
We offer a robust SaaS (software-as-a-service) system that links all of our products together as one suite – and we customize the system to your needs, so that you’ll have everything you need without paying for any features that don’t fit your business. We’re invested in the future of our clients: We don’t charge setup fees.

Ravara Source

The Core of Our System: Traceability and Digital Asset Management
 Physical controls at mine site through processing (refining, polishing)
>  Creation of digital asset for each physical asset
>  Trusted and efficient selling process for unique products
 Robust audit & compliance capability
>  Guarantee to buyer of origin & authenticity
>  Physical controls for handling, processing (refining, polishing), transfer
> Maintenance of digital asset, chain of custody from mine to retail
>  Trusted and efficient buying and selling process for unique products
>  Robust audit & compliance capability from mine to retail
>  Guarantee to buyer of origin & authenticity
>  Origin story for branding and marketing of unique products
>  Provenance reports for each unique item
>  Trusted and efficient buying and selling process
> Robust audit & compliance capability
>  Guarantee to buyer of origin & authenticity


Product Reports
Metals | Minerals


Score Card
Producer Reports
Whole Value Chain


Quality Control
Sales Orders
Rough to Finished


Corrective Action
Risk Analysis
Mine to Market

Let’s talk security: Do you need blockchain?

We are happy to work with your data management platform if you’ve already invested in blockchain. There are positives to storing your data in blockchain and we can integrate easily. We’ll provide the third party management and features necessary for a complete traceability model.
While blockchain is one of many options for data security, what’s most important is third party management of your data for verification and integrity. Our system offers all the of the benefits of blockchain – while also delivering a wide range of products for managing your supply chain.