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Due Diligence Leaders

Levin Sources is a standard bearer in due diligence & risk identification. Their clients include both small businesses and large corporations, trade organizations and governments. These include projects for ERG, Gemfields, The World Bank, USAID, DFID, and GiZ.
Together, we ensure that you and the enterprises you work with are fully vetted and in alignment with best practices in responsible business conduct. This begins with your basic compliance needs and expands to international standards and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) performance – we offer due diligence for your entire supply chain.
Levin Sources’ risk assessments are available in Ravara; offering easy completion for you and your supply chain, followed by detailed review and analytics – with a roadmap for reducing your risks and improving your supply chain.
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Artisanal Mining Leaders

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) has developed field-proven practices for Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM). Their groundbreaking development of the CRAFT and Fairmined standards facilitates better organizational, social, labor and environmental practices. These standards trace a route from due diligence to best practices for ASM.
Together with Levin Sources, we are collaborating with ARM to promote the CRAFT Code and support its application across the globe. In gold and all Technology Critical Elements, we are digitizing the assessment process and widening market access for the smallest of entities.
As we support sustainable mines and expand capacity-building for ASM entities and local traders, we are inviting qualified parties to participate in capacity-building in their support of ASM entities and local traders on the ground.
Learn more about the Alliance for Responsible Mining and their Standards: CRAFT Code and Fairmined Standard

Legal & Compliance Leaders

Since 1917, The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) has been the leading authority in the jewelry industry for legal education and compliance guidance, serving as the official representative of the jewelry industry to the United States Treasury Department, among other government entities. With increasing scrutiny from regulators, attention to these critical areas has never been more important.
JVC is one of Ravara’s premier resources for legal updates and compliance guidance, including on such vital issues as the Patriot Act and anti-money laundering compliance.
As partners, we are together promoting legal education and compliance across the jewelry industry. Ravara encourages all of its clients in the sector to pursue best practices and become JVC members.
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Digital Leaders

Segura is passionate about enabling businesses to create ethical and sustainable supply chains that maximize business operations, efficiencies, and processes. They are an innovative software provider, created with the aim to combine digital expertise with detailed knowledge of global supply chains.
Segura’s applications have been used by bluechip companies, including Aston Martin, Disney, Ted Baker, Whistles, Debenhams, and Reiss.
Together, we maximize our experience and system capabilities, with the tools to truly revolutionize the industry through dynamic supply chain management and product traceability.
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