Innovating the way

Ravara was founded by entrepreneur Joel Borgquist to be a game changer, solving the world’s most complex supply chain issues. “Ravara” is derived from the Swedish word ‘Råvara,’ meaning “raw material.” Our vision is fully traceable, fully controlled products and supply chains – something that only innovation and new technology can accomplish. This is the key to responsible sourcing.
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, our team deploys the Ravara system for our clients, whatever their size and wherever they may operate.
As Founder & CEO, Joel Borgquist is a critical asset to our clients. He built the Ravara system from the ground up to address supply chain challenges at every level of the supply, from mine to manufacture and retail. Joel has an extensive background creating solutions for metal and mineral supply chains, running private consulting firm ETiK. Joel also has a background in fraud detection and asset recovery. He is an advisor to fintech company Sixpence, among other businesses and startups in tech and finance.
Joel is a humanitarian and participates in projects across the globe, including clean water initiatives and local economic development. He is on the board of directors of The Trade Foundation and the Jewelry Industry Summit. Following our Founder, Ravara maintains a steadfast focus on client success while contributing to the industry and society as a whole.

Exclusive partners of Segura

Segura Systems Limited are pioneers of digital asset management. Based in the UK, Segura makes its mark offering the world’s leading platform for next generation traceability. They are the leaders in textiles and manufacturing.
Segura’s world-leading digital asset management forms the backbone of our system. Ravara only employs the best-in-class technology and security for client assets, while delivering an industry-leading traceability and trade platform for minerals and metals.

We deliver

Ravara enhances every aspect of your value chain – from mine to market – delivering new and improved capabilities. We work with you and your entire supply chain; miners, refiners, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.
Reducing risks and creating new value is essential to profitable business – our system accomplishes both. Our products are specifically designed to address critical challenges and meet the needs of our clients.